Follow this link for a message from our chairman on this special anniversary on Friday 16th Otcober 2020:


On the 16th October 2016, Freshspring, towed by Severn Sea, made her way down the Bristol channel and up the Torridge to her new home in Bideford.

During her early days at Bideford quay, she couldn’t open to the public as a lot of work needed to be done to make her safely accessible. Volunteers worked wonders and along with support form the Heritage Lottery Fund and local financial support the ship was made ready. This included a new boat deck and beautifully crafted wheelhouse.

Welcoming over 3500 visitors during 2018/2019, The Trusts 54 registered volunteers work hard to make sure that the visitor experience is truly memorable.

This year has been difficult for The Trust, as Covid-19 means that we’re unable to open safely to the public.

We are currently working on a Virtual Reality (VR) tour in partnership with BMT Global and The University of the West of England. This a really exciting piece of work using cutting edge technologies. VR will provide a valuable education resource and let the public see parts of the ship that aren’t normally accessible.

Freshspring has made amazing progress since arriving in Bideford, so thank you to all who have supported us.

If you’d like to join the Freshspring team, you can find out more at https://ssfreshspring.co.uk/get-involved/volunteering

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