We are delighted to announce that on 1st August Charlotte will be returning from furlough to her two days a week employment.

Charlotte was employed as our Project Manager under the OH project but before she was furloughed we had received grants from The Pilgrim Trust and Awards for All for further work, which Charlotte will manage.

Looking longer term the Trust needs to reduce the time Trustees spend ‘doing’ – allowing them to concentrate more on governance and direction – and we also need to ensure, as we progress, that we encourage younger people both as Trustees and to continue the day-to-day running and management of the Trust. Given some help – and possibly further training – Charlotte is both capable of taking on the role of managing and, more importantly, is keen to do so.

What this means is that, over time, her role will change from being the Project Manager to being the Freshspring Trust’s General Manager. How long this process takes is largely down to how quickly Charlotte feels comfortable with her added responsibilities, so there is no set timescale.

Regardless of the problems that Covid presents us we need to continue progress and Charlotte will be a valuable part of that process and the Trust’s future.

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