Matt’s Story

Matt has always been interested in engineering as he enjoys doing practical, hands on work.  After looking into the courses he decided that sitting in a factory wasn’t for him so after a bit of research discovered marine engineering. He was attracted to the idea of working at sea: taking on new challenges, doing the work he enjoyed and perhaps getting to see the world!

He started his cadetship in September 2015.  He studied for three years at college, but this included eight months at sea as a cadet.

During his first four months he travelled from the United Arab Emirates to Japan, Papua New Guinea and then back across the Indian Ocean trying to avoid Pirates along the way!

During his second four months at sea he travelled from Amsterdam, down the West coast of Africa to Guinea and Togo, back to Italy across the Atlantic to New York.   When he left Africa the temperature was 35 degrees but when he arrived at New York it was minus 30 degrees and snowing!

It was quite a shock to the system leaving 35 degrees plus temperatures in Africa/Europe only to arrive to -30 degrees and snow in the USA.

Matt joined his first ship as a fully qualified engineer in March 2019.  Some of the crew were due to leave part way through the trip including the 4th engineer who had been guiding Matt.  So, after just 3 weeks Matt was promoted to 4th engineer himself!

Since being in the Merchant Navy Matt has made friends from different nationalities who all work together as a team.  He says that every day is different, bringing new challenges all the time.