National Lottery Open Day – free entry for lottery ticket holders

SS Freshspring is taking part in the National Lottery’s open week as a way of saying thank you to all the people who have played the Lottery and so contributed to the Lottery’s funding which in turn has helped us with our heritage and education project.

The ship has been lovingly restored and lottery ticket holders are welcome to come aboard for a free tour of the whole ship. You can explore everywhere from engine room to captain’s cabin, hop into a crew member’s bunk, spin the wheel to see how it feels to steer a steamship and pose for photos. Children can take part in a teddy hunt, and everyone can try on an oculus headset for a ten-minute VR experience that takes you back to meet the crew in 1947!

We are open from 11am -4pm and you will be the first visitors of our 2023 season seeing newly restored rooms including the galley.