Freshspring’s first talk of 2022 with the Bideford WI


Happy New Year! We are pleased to have started the year with a talk at the Women’s Institute in Bideford. Our chair, John Puddy, shared the history of our renowned Freshspring and how our team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to restore and preserve her. The group were delighted to hear how our ship is recognised as being a vessel of national importance and is on the register of historic ships.

“I was very pleased to speak to our local WI and to see how enthusiastic they were. I am sure our link will be ongoing and create valued joint activity,” remarks John. The group described Freshspring as ‘a wonderful project for the people of Bideford’ (we agree!)

We love working with local community groups and organisations so please get in touch if you would like to know more! We are happy to travel for talks or can offer them onboard our ship. If you would like us to provide a talk for your group or have other ideas on how we could work together, then please drop us a message via email at