Looking through the lens: Bideford District Photography Group


Our steamship welcomed Bideford District Photography Group onboard a couple of weeks ago; the group will be assisting with recording the impressive restoration progress achieved by our Freshspring volunteers. After an informative tour of the ship including a potted history of its career, the group were let loose to capture the essence of the vessel. The group managed to capture the real intricacies of our steamship, here are a selection we wanted to share with you.

One member of the club remarked, “The historic ship was a real challenge to photograph. But once we had viewed the triple expansion engine and the steam auxiliary equipment it was very apparent that this was going to be a worthwhile exercise.

If the space constraints were a challenge to photography, it was quite enlightening to learn that the simple and basic crew accommodation and the working conditions were typical of those experienced on a ship of this type.

Even more eye-opening for the group was the quality of work and the extent of restoration achieved by the Freshspring volunteers. Having viewed pictures of the ship at the time of its acquisition, the progress is quite awe-inspiring.”

Organiser, Tim Sanders remarked, “Visiting the SS Freshspring was a fascinating experience and challenging photographic exercise. The cramped but atmospheric quarters and engine room provided a very satisfying challenge to photograph.”

Thank you to the group for visiting, we look forward to seeing you onboard (with cameras in hand) again soon!