Monkleigh Primary School visit – learning the lingo!


We welcomed our youngest group of visitors last week, with 16 Reception children from Monkleigh Primary School spending the afternoon on board. The class split their visit to Bideford between the Burton Art Gallery and the ship, with 8 children on the ship at a time.

As part of their studies on transport and history, the children learned ship specific vocabulary and were keen to find the ‘mess room’ where the crew would have eaten. Finding the teddies with their ‘Easter friends’ was a popular part of the trip, with several of the children wanting to come back with their families to find the others hiding in the engine room!


It was a brilliant first visit from Monkleigh School and we look forward to working with the older children on various projects in the future.

“Thank you so so much for welcoming us on board today. We all had such a wonderful time and they all said that going on a real ship was their highlight of the day!” said Kate, one of the class teachers from the visit.

If you are a school, college or group who would like to visit our steamship then please drop us a message at: